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How Component Collector works

Use Component Collector on a computer to paste directly into Figma

Tip: Use Component Collector on a computer to seamlessly paste new components directly into your Figma project. Or try the Figma Plugin!

Component Collector is easy to use. Here is a quick demo with a free component:

  1. Find the Component you want by searching or filtering
  2. Click Get Component
  3. Paste [cmd+v] or [ctrl+v] directly into Figma

Try this example, and then take a look at the full library.

Apple iOS Keyboard UI

Apple iOS Keyboard UI

Get component
1 Credit
Sep 17, 2023

Component Collector Demo Video:

This demo shows how Component Collector can be used to easily search for components and quickly create a sign up / login flow with two factor authentication.
This video may take a moment to load.


How does Component Collector work?

Component Collector is your one-stop shop for high-quality Figma components.

  1. Search and filter to find the component you want
  2. Click 'Get Component ❖'
    If you are interested in a premium component, you may need to purchase a 'component credit' which can be used to purchase any component.
  3. Next just paste (cmd + v), or (ctrl +v) directly in Figma!

We also have a Figma Plugin so you can easily get new components as you work in Figma.

How does the "component credit" system work?

Some components free but most need to be purchased with a component credit. We have built a powerful way to maintain component versions, push updates, and most importantly: let other designers get amazing new components with one click.

  • If you buy a component, you get it and all updates for free.
  • Purchases components can be re-used as much as you want.

Where do you get these components?

We (ODW) were an early adopter of Figma and have been building components for our apps and client projects since 2018. We maintain a few component libraries and design systems and pick the winners to be white-labeled and incorporated in the new Component Collector design system.


  • We have built them all as a design agency over the years
  • Now you can use them as much as you want
  • If you see something that has room for improvement, please let us know and we'll fix it.


How can I get free components?

The first time you sign up you will get 2 free component credits.

Join our newsletter to be in first in line for upcoming giveaways when we add new components and categorys.

How much does a component credit cost?

See the pricing page for all of the options, they cost just from $1.28 - $2 each depending on how many you buy.

  • Note that when you buy a component you can keep it and reuse it as many times as you like!
  • We are also continuously making updates, so you can redownload it any time.


One of the components I downloaded has an issue.

Let us know! We are always trying to improve the components and welcome any feedback. If you have any ideas for changes or ideas for updates we would love to hear it.

I found a bug in the app.

Sorry about that! Please shoot us an email. Screenshots and context are helpful for debugging. All of our apps have some error tracking and reporting built in, but it's always helpful to hear from users.

The Component Collector design system is made by and for designers.

Better components lead to more efficient design.

Component Collector has some free components. The rest can be purchased with credits. Claim your free credits when you sign up!

Success! Now just paste your component into Figma.
[cmd + v] or [ctrl + v]
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