Subscription Pricing:

Cancel any time. Keep components forever.

Cancel any time. Keep components forever.

Get 6 new credits each month you are subscribed. Cancel anytime and keep your components.


Get unlimited credits and the full design system. Cancel the subscription anytime and keep access to the components you saved.

One-time Payment Pricing:

No subscription needed!


Get 3 credits with no subscription for one low price.

20% Discount

Great value with no subscription.

Get the full Component Collector design system with unlimited use and no subscription.

Credits are used to unlock components.

They are affordable and give designers the flexibility to only pay for the parts of the Component Collector design system they want. We have made Component Collector easy to use and made sure that our components play nicely with other common UI kits and design systems.

  • When you purchase a component, you'll receive all future updates for free.
  • You can utilize it without limit in both commercial and personal projects.
  • We are constantly adding new free components that don't require any credits to use. Follow our socials for a daily summary of new releases: #componentcollector
  • This is early bird pricing! Just as we did with Compressed PDF Exporter, we may adjust pricing, and will stop offering lifetime licenses in the future.
  • Get it while you can!

Component Collector uses Stripe's transaction processing API to securely deliver both subscription and one-time payment options.

Component Collector supported payment methods

Component Collector is easy.

No passwords.
One-click checkout.
Paste new components in Figma.

We are constantly adding new components, (check the updated date), and every component is built with top-notch quality: 100% vector, auto layout, and with clean layers.

  • 1 Credit = 1 Component
  • Your credits never expire, use them whenever you want
  • No usernames and passwords to keep track of
  • No promotional emails, no spam
  • Amazing customer support, contact us with questions