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Component Collector leaderboards showcase Figma components ranked by usage, highlighting the most popular choices among community users.

Component Collector includes many niche design patterns and layouts which are valuable when building apps and websites, but are less likely to appear on these lists. Leaderboards can help new designers find and utilize components that are proven to be effective and widely adopted for flexible use. But it's definitely still worth browsing all components and searching for specific solutions.

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Discover the latest trends with our monthly roundup of the top 15 Figma components. This dynamic list is continually updated each month to reflect the most popular components, keeping you in the loop on design trends and helpful components.

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Year in review: Top Components of 2023

Dive into the best Figma components of the year with our curated selection. Highlighting the standout elements of 2023, this page showcases the components that have truly set the standard in design excellence.

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Upgrade your design efficiency with superior Figma components.

Component Collector is used by UI designers all around the world to accelerate their Figma product and UI/X design work. Pre-made components will help you explore more design solutions and find winning designs faster.

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